GOD IS FAITHFUL – Rich Class Decor

Rich Class Decor


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GOD IS FAITHFUL, a beautiful piece of woven art inspired by Kathy's testimony.  From a sketch brought to life by our master weavers! 

A perfect reminder to self and everyone that at the end of the day, after facing all our hardships it is only God on whom we can truly rely on, he is true & consistent to his promise, therefore GOD IS FAITHFUL to his children not only to humans but to every living soul.

Size- 3 x5 ft. With braids it is nearly 6ft wide.

Material - Pure natural premium wool & grey art silk

Technique - Hand-hooked on traditional looms. This technique of rug making makes the rug hard-wearing.

Suitable for heavy traffic. 

We use DHL & FedEx for all our shipments.

*Photos taken at different times & settings (indoors & outdoors) hence the difference.

Photo credits & designed beautifully by KATHY herself.