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Rich Class Decor


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DO GOOD. BE KIND. is a woven piece of art/ rug, a wonderful reminder for all of us & to teach our children to be kind to people of all color. To accept them as their brothers & sisters for a better tomorrow.

DO GOOD: Make a helpful contribution to a situation. These words are woven as a gentle reminder as you step out of your home that whatever you do DO it with good intentions. So it make a positive effect on someone's life.

BE KIND: Kindness is very powerful. Being kind requires strength & courage. A situation may be complex however, it is our duty to be kind. A simple act of kindness becomes an inspiration for others to follow & that act makes our world a better place to live!

Story- This rug is inspired from George Floyd's story that is changing the world. BE the change! DO GOOD & BE KIND. It starts with YOU & it begins in your home.

Hand-hooked by skilled weavers on traditional looms  (an ancient technique of how our rugs are woven in India) 

This rug is made of pure wool & art silk.

Size- 3 x5 ft

Material - Pure wool & art silk.

Technique - Hand-hooked on traditional looms

Suitable for heavy traffic. 

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*Photos taken at different times & settings (indoors & outdoors) hence the difference.

Photo credits- Liz