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Rich Class Decor


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GRATEFUL rug, a sketch brought to life by our talented weavers! 

A woven masterpiece to remind YOU that we must be GRATEFUL. It can be anyone or anything. We live every second & we breathe every second & in that second we are using our body, consuming, doing activities, living under a roof, food to eat, enjoying a quiet morning or the beautiful sunset. We have so much to be GRATEFUL for. Once, we think positively & manifest a grateful attitude life itself becomes so much beautiful!

Hand-hooked by skilled weavers on traditional looms  (an ancient technique of how our rugs are woven in India) 

This rug is made of pure wool Zealand wool. Navy background with white.

Size- 3 x5 ft

Suitable for heavy traffic. 

We use DHL & FedEx for all our shipments.

*Photos taken at different times & settings (indoors & outdoors) hence the difference.