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COVID 19 food for the underprivileged fund

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Important note- 

Due to the inherent risk of virus transmission as COVID-19 continues to proliferate (and taking into consideration the close contact required in these food deliveries), we are no longer accepting donations at this time. Stay tuned for more developments in the future. As this situation hopefully gets mitigated in due time, we would like to continue providing support and relief to the neediest in our community when it is safer to do so. Your overwhelming generosity and desire to help and contribute to this cause is appreciated more than you thank you! On behalf of my family and community, we are forever grateful!

COVID -19 is affecting small businesses & large to a great context all over the world.

Food is a basic right of every human. One should not be on a roadside for food. That is the most unfortunate thing when that happens. But we are here to help.

However, the worst affected are those who are often overlooked. The poor who have no source of income. Those who cannot earn & keep their families fed. We as humans are here to help these people. By YOUR donation we will buy bread, milk, rice, lentils, salt, soaps, masks, gloves & other essential items so the basic needs of a human being can be met. 

I will personally deliver these items to the ones in need. I will take photos that your donations are making a difference in these people's lives. Please provide your IG handle as I would love to tell the world how amazing you are! The world needs kind people like you! Thank YOU so much for supporting this act of kindness. I am grateful to you.

We are going to keep it a very transparent fund. The donations & spending will be updated regularly so you will know how we are utilizing your donations.

If you have any suggestion please feel free to DM or email.